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For many, the prospect of a divorce is the potential for a fresh start in life. However, in some situations, some of the conflicts a divorce is expected to resolve actually continue after the final order is issued by the court. A skilled divorce attorney could help address these disputes.

If you are facing challenges with your former spouse, you do not have to put up with this. You may have legal options. A Thousand Oaks post-divorce disputes lawyer could help you resolve these issues with your former spouse or secure a legal remedy through the courts.

Common Examples of Post-Divorce Disputes

There are numerous post-divorce disputes that an individual might encounter after their separation is finalized. Any issue involving the relationship between former spouses or their children could qualify. Addressing these post-divorce issues could be possible with the guidance of a qualified lawyer in Thousand Oaks.

Visitation and Custody Issues

One of the most common reasons for post-divorce conflict involves visitation. When one parent violates the terms of the parenting agreement regarding visiting with the child, it could quickly lead to a disagreement that only the courts can resolve.

Failure to Pay Child or Spousal Support

Another common issue that some individuals face after a divorce is the failure of one former spouse to make required financial payments for child or spousal support. Disputes might arise when a person fails to pay the full amount owed or when they do not make any payments at all.


When parents remarry, there are often disputes regarding the right of a step-parent to adopt a child. These issues routinely lead to conflict, but a lawyer in the area could work to resolve them.

Resolving Disputes after a Divorce in Thousand Oaks

Some post-divorce disputes are inevitable, but with the guidance of a Thousand Oaks attorney, it could be possible to resolve these issues in a variety of ways. Sometimes thoughtful negotiations can bring a conflict to an end. In other situations, only legal action can resolve a dispute.

Negotiating with a Former Spouse

Many people are surprised at the conflicts that could be resolved or avoided without the need for court intervention. The right legal counsel could negotiate directly with the other spouse to address a failure to comply with the court’s order. In some cases, these violations could result from a misunderstanding that is possible to clear up without the need for legal action.

Pursuing a Contempt Hearing

Some post-divorce disputes are not so easy to resolve. Former spouses might simply refuse to comply with the orders of the court regardless of the circumstances. When an amicable solution is not possible, resolving a post-divorce conflict requires legal action. One course of action involves filing a motion for contempt to hold a former spouse accountable for their refusal to comply. A contempt hearing could result in penalties for the non-compliant party, including incarceration.

A change to the existing divorce decree could also be a possible outcome. Based on the refusal to comply, the court could make changes to the order regarding child custody, spousal support, or other terms.

Speak with a Thousand Oaks Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney

After your divorce, it is understandable for you to expect peace of mind knowing that your marital conflicts have come to an end. Unfortunately, these issues may continue after the final decree is entered.

A Thousand Oaks post-divorce disputes lawyer could help you address these challenges and protect your legal rights. Reach out right away for a private consultation.

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