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From divorce to paternity, some of the most important legal matters in life are resolved in family court. If you are facing a family-related legal conflict, you do not have to face it on your own. Instead, reach out to a skilled family law attorney who could listen to your story and help you protect your rights. A Simi Valley family lawyer could help put you on track toward a fair outcome in your case.

Handling Challenges During the Divorce Process

A large part of family law involves divorce. The end of a marriage can be a complicated situation, especially for couples with minor children or substantial assets. An experienced lawyer in Simi Valley could ease the strain of these challenges during a family law case.

Additionally, once a court finalizes the separation, individuals may still experience conflict with their former spouse. For example, some parties fail to comply with the terms of their divorce agreement that were set out by the court. When an ex-spouse fails to meet their obligations with issues such as spousal support or child visitation, they could face the risk of a contempt charge, which could result in serious consequences, including incarceration. Our legal team is here to help you through these challenges that may be unique to your case.

Resolving Paternity Issues in Simi Valley

An attorney in Simi Valley could also assist in family matters such as paternity. Establishing paternity is the formal process that gives a person legal status as the father of a child. When paternity is not established voluntarily, it could require a court order. During this process, the court will typically order the prospective father to provide a DNA sample. If the sample shows that this person is the child’s father, the court will award the rights and responsibilities that are a part of being a parent under the law. Individuals should seek the help of a local attorney for assistance in these cases to help their chances of reaching their desired outcome.

Negotiating Conflicts Regarding Child Custody

One primary area of family law includes child custody, visitation, and support. Not all custody issues stem from a divorce case. In situations where the parents of a minor child are unmarried, the courts have the power to determine child custody, as well. Often, this process begins after paternity is established.

Regardless of whether a child’s parents are married, the court must make these decisions based on the child’s best interests. This principle guides not only custody issues but also questions of visitation rights and child support obligations.

The court must make a determination on all of the issues surrounding the child’s care, including deciding which parent the child will live with as well as which parties have the right to make the important decisions regarding the child’s upbringing.

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If you are dealing with a conflict or other family-related legal issue, the assistance of an experienced attorney could be invaluable. In many cases, the right legal counsel could also be crucial to securing the outcome you hope for. Let a Simi Valley family lawyer serve as your advocate. Call today for your private consultation.

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