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Experts agree that children thrive when their parents share the responsibility of raising them. Children themselves often express a desire to have both parents involved in their lives.

Under state law, mothers and fathers are to be treated the same in matters involving their children, regardless of any long-ago bias toward mothers. If someone is challenging your rights as a father, an experienced Simi Valley fathers’ rights lawyer could help you. Our firm’s reputable family law attorneys are committed to advocating on your behalf and preserving your right to a relationship with your children.

Benefits of Working with a Fathers’ Rights Attorney

An attorney experienced in family law could diligently represent a father in matters, including:

A father could face complicated legal challenges that threaten his time with his children in any of these cases. Seeking advice from a seasoned lawyer in Simi Valley regarding a father’s rights to be actively involved in his children’s lives could be critical.

Importance of Establishing Paternity

Unless a father has formally established the paternity of his child, he has no legal right to custody or visitation. Under California Family Code §7611, paternity is automatically presumed if the child was born to a married couple, or if the parents were unmarried but lived together as a family, and the man acted as a father to the child.

If no presumption exists, a father must seek a formal declaration of paternity before he can assert his rights to his child, which requires he or his legal representation to file a petition in Simi Valley family court and present evidence to a judge.

Fathers’ Right to Custody and Parenting Time

A child’s legal father has the right to seek custody to develop and maintain a stable and loving relationship with his child. In many custody cases, a judge awards primary custody to one parent and visitation to the other. State law mandates that courts treat fathers as equally capable caregivers and award them primary custody if it is in the child’s best interests.

In cases where the father is not granted primary custody, he is entitled to seek court-ordered parenting time and visitation with his child on a set schedule. If the other parent interferes with that time, the father can seek contempt of court charges against them or a modification of custody. A dedicated attorney in Simi Valley could further explain a father’s legal options if anyone threatens his right to time with his child.

Fathers’ Right to Child Support

When a judge awards a father primary custody of his child, the father has the right to seek child support from the mother. The amount the mother must pay is determined by the state’s mandatory child support guidelines. A father is entitled to use the same child support calculator as a mother, and a skilled lawyer could work with him to ensure he receives a fair and reasonable support amount.

Learn More about Fathers’ Rights from a Compassionate Simi Valley Attorney

If you are facing a legal matter involving your child, you may feel that you are being treated unfairly. This can be frustrating and upsetting when all you want is to provide your child a safe and loving home.

Contact a seasoned Simi Valley fathers’ rights lawyer today if you risk losing time with your child for any reason or have questions about paternity or child support. Our caring attorneys understand the struggle you face and can help you demonstrate to a court that you are a capable parent.

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