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Your child visitation rights should reflect your value as a parent and enable you to continue to have a close and loving relationship with your kids.

A caring Simi Valley visitation lawyer could work with you to ensure you maintain the contact with your children that both you and they need. Our capable child custody attorneys understand how important your visitation rights are and could work tirelessly to achieve your goals.

When is Visitation Awarded in Simi Valley?

Often referred to as parenting time or timesharing, visitation determines when a noncustodial parent will spend time with their child. Many visitation schedules are available to parents, such as alternating weekends or shared time during the week. Visitation orders also specify how parents will share time with their children on birthdays, holidays, and during summer vacations.

Under state law, family court judges have the authority to issue visitation orders in various proceedings involving children. For example, a court can determine visitation as part of a couple’s divorce proceedings.

A court can issue a temporary visitation schedule to protect the child in an emergency, such as domestic violence or child abuse. Depending on the nature of the danger, a judge may require a third party to supervise a parent’s time with their kids or that it occurs in a monitored visitation center. Any parent concerned that they may not be awarded primary or shared physical custody of their child should seek assistance from a compassionate Simi Valley attorney.

Considerations in Simi Valley Visitation Cases

When determining child custody and visitation, the court’s primary concern is always the child’s best interests. Additionally, child custody laws emphasize frequent and continuing contact between the child and both parents. California Family Code §3011 states that judges must consider certain factors when assessing “best interests,” including:

  • The child’s health, safety, and welfare
  • Whether either parent has been abusive toward the child or the other parent
  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • Whether either parent has a chronic or continued use of drugs or alcohol

Courts may also review other evidence that may help them make a child-focused decision, which could include the child’s preference, depending on their age and level of maturity. A skilled lawyer could further explain how a judge might rule in regards to a child’s best interest when setting a visitation schedule.

Changing Visitation Orders

A parent can seek to change a visitation order at any time after a judge signs it. To successfully modify an order, the parent must prove that a substantial change in circumstances impacting the child occurred since the court entered the most recent visitation order. Some examples of substantial changes warranting a modification include a parent taking on a new job, a child needing a greater level of care, or a parent relocating out of state.

Because Simi Valley family court judges promise consistency and stability for children, they will not modify the visitation schedule if it only benefits one or both parents. Instead, the parent seeking the change must demonstrate how modifying the order is best for the child. The ‘substantial change in circumstances’ standard is challenging, and a parent considering a change in parenting time is well-advised to speak with a practiced attorney.

Get Answers from an Experienced Visitation Lawyer in Simi Valley

In a custody case, the parent not awarded custody may be granted visitation or timesharing with their children. Our respected Simi Valley visitation lawyer will take the time to listen to you and work to achieve your goals. Our firm’s dedicated attorneys provide compassionate advocacy for noncustodial parents in Simi Valley and the surrounding areas. Call today.

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