Child support involves the payment of funds from one parent to another for the benefit of their kids when they are separated or divorced. The amount of support paid varies widely from one case to another based on various factors. An Agoura Hills child support lawyer could help with the establishment, modification, termination, and enforcement of these orders.

Many parents rely on support payments to help them raise their children. As a result, ensuring that the correct amount of support is being paid and received can be crucial to an individual’s financial stability. A family attorney could analyze your situation and determine how a court may allocate parental financial obligations in your case.

The Duty of Parents to Support Their Child

All parents have a legal duty to support their child until they turn 18 or finish high school in most situations. However, parents must continue to financially support their children if they are disabled or incapable of self-support.

A child support order does not always have to remain the same until the duty of support ceases. Under California Family Code §3651, a court can modify or terminate a child support order at any time if deemed necessary. The modification of these orders can be retroactive to the date that the parent requests a change unless the court finds good cause not to make this decision.

Calculating Child Support in Agoura Hills

Under Cal. Fam. Code §4052, courts must follow a statewide uniform guideline when calculating child support in a particular case. The statewide guideline uses a complex formula that considers the total gross income of each parent and the amount of time that the child spends with each spouse. Other factors that are relevant under the guideline include:

  • State and federal income taxes owed by each parent
  • Mandatory union dues and retirement contributions
  • Health insurance premiums for each parent and their children
  • The obligations of each parent to support other children

These orders also must include payment of child care expenses and uninsured medical costs. In some situations, parental financial obligations may include educational and special needs for the child, as well as visitation-related costs.

The law presumes that the guideline amount is fair, but a parent may present evidence to rebut this presumption in some cases. If the calculated support amount results in an unjust value, the court may order a support amount that differs from the uniform guideline. A lawyer in Agoura Hills could assist in the proper computation of child support and provide evidence in support of deviating from or keeping to the guideline amount.

Enforcement of Parental Financial Obligations

Various mechanisms exist under state law that allows for the enforcement of child support orders. For instance, a court may issue wage assignments to a parent’s employer to secure support payments. Individuals may face sanctions for failing to pay, including the interception of state and federal income tax refunds or the suspension of driving privileges and passports.

Whether individuals are trying to enforce support that others owe them or defend themselves against allegations of non-payment, getting legal advice can be crucial. Contacting an Agoura Hills attorney may be the most effective way to handle either side of child support enforcement proceedings.

Consult with an Agoura Hills Child Support Attorney

Child support is an essential part of family law proceedings in which parents share children. However, calculating a fair amount based on individual situations can be challenging. Fortunately, an Agoura Hills child support lawyer could help during this process.

With legal counsel on your side, you may place yourself in a better position to succeed, whether your goal is to establish, modify, terminate, or enforce your order. An experienced attorney could help you understand the method used to arrive at your order and counsel you on your rights and responsibilities when you receive or pay child support.

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