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Divorce and child custody issues are major life events that can dispute a family’s entire balance. It is important to make choices that protect you and those you love in difficult times like these.

Our compassionate Westlake family lawyer could help you with a wide range of family law matters. The diligent attorney at Hoffer Family Law Firm has a deep understanding of the laws governing domestic disputes in Westlake Village and could work to resolve your case favorably.

Role of a Family Attorney in Westlake Village

A family lawyer is a licensed practitioner who manages legal disputes between relatives. They receive specialized training in domestic issues and concentrate their practice on helping people manage family-related matters. Some of these include:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Alimony
  • Asset division
  • Transfer of retirement accounts
  • Adoption
  • Guardianship
  • Name change

Seasoned family attorneys also oversee family estates, mediate settlements, and represent parties in court.

Family Lawyers Create Essential Marital Contracts

Regardless of the value of their assets, most couples can benefit from a prenuptial agreement. These contracts enable both spouses to enter their marriage fully aware of each other’s financial circumstances.

A knowledgeable family lawyer could draft a premarital contract that addresses property division or spousal support in the event of a divorce. Additionally, if one party challenges the validity of a prenuptial agreement, a dedicated family attorney familiar with court rules and procedures in Westlake Village could litigate the case in court.

Pursuing Divorce with the Assistance of a Family Lawyer

Marriage dissolution is among the more common practice areas for family lawyers. Some couples can work together to determine their shared parenting responsibilities and divide their assets. In those cases, a Westlake Village family attorney could handle the paperwork and finalize an uncontested divorce.

Unfortunately, not all spouses can resolve their marital issues collaboratively. Additionally, one spouse may attempt to hide assets or take other action that interferes with a fair property division. If that occurs, a capable family attorney could advise a spouse of their legal rights.

Help with a Name Change in Westlake Village

As part of a divorce action, a spouse can resume using her maiden or former name if she chooses. The request for a name change should be filed prior to finalizing the divorce. A final divorce decree includes the new name, and the former spouse can then use it to verify their identity with the motor vehicle department, social security, or any other agency that requires proof of a name change.

If someone wants to change their name to something other than their former or married name, they must file a Petition for Change of Name in California Superior Court. A family attorney could help complete this paperwork and ensure it is filed properly.

Protect Children and Families from Abuse and Neglect

Some of the most challenging family law matters to navigate are those involving domestic violence or child abuse. One parent may be concerned that the other parent is harming their child, leading to an investigation by a local social services department. Child abuse or neglect allegations often lead to custody disputes and require the assistance of a diligent family lawyer to resolve.

Domestic violence is another significant area of concern in family law. Victims may need help from the police and the courts to protect themselves and their children. Practiced family lawyers are well-versed in requesting protective or restraining orders under the California penal code. A family lawyer in Westlake Village could also help ensure the order is correctly registered with local law enforcement.

Seek Guidance from a Practiced Family Attorney in Westlake Village

Legal matters involving your family are never easy, and you do not have to navigate them on your own. For help with divorce, domestic abuse protection, or any other family law matter, reach out to a knowledgeable Westlake Village family lawyer. Our caring and experienced attorneys understand the laws governing family disputes and are available to address your legal needs.

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