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Simi Valley is located in Ventura County and is home to approximately 125,000 residents with a pretty high median household income of $93,516 – according to the most recent U.S. census data. The median value of owner-occupied housing units is well over $500,000. So, if you are thinking of getting a divorce in Simi Valley, you may have enough assets to complicate the process. If you have children, divorce can become even more stressful. In fact, determining child custody and child support issues is one of the most contentious aspects of divorce.

With an experienced Simi Valley divorce attorney, however, you can rest assured that your interests are being advocated and your rights are being upheld. Jeffrey L. Hoffer is a Certified Family Law Specialist who has dedicated his entire practice to family law matters. He knows how sensitive the matters are and how that sensitivity can pose challenges to an already complex process. Fortunately, he will be with you each step of the way. If you are thinking of a divorce, contact Hoffer Family Law today to schedule a consultation.

Overview of Marriage & Divorce in Simi Valley

According to Statistical Data, the separation and divorce rate is higher in Simi Valley at 14% than the rate for all of California, and this is especially true for females over males. Of females in Simi Valley, 12% are divorced and 2% are separated while 9% of males are divorced and 1% are separated.

Simi Valley is located in the Oxnard Area, and compared to other cities in this area, it ranks seventh for the highest population of married persons. Compared to the rest of California, Simi Valley ranks fifth for the highest number of marriages per the percentage of its population. Simi Valley ranks eighth for the number of divorces per its population when compared to its neighboring cities in the Oxnard Area and twenty-first when compared to other cities throughout California.

What does this mean? For some people, marriage doesn’t last, and you’re not alone if it’s the same for you.

Divorce Court

California is a no-fault divorce state, which basically means you do not have to prove anything to obtain your divorce. To obtain a divorce in Simi Valley, California, at least one spouse:

  • Must have been a California resident for at least six months; and
  • Must have lived in Ventura County for at least three months before filing a dissolution (divorce) petition.

If you live in Simi Valley, you will have to travel to Ventura, which is about a 40 minutes drive – give or take 37 miles – to attend any court hearings. The divorce petition and the answer to the divorce petition must be filed through the Family Law Division at:

County of Ventura Superior Court of California
800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93009.

The fee to file the petition for dissolution of marriage or a domestic partnership or to answer a petition is $435.00. The petition or answer and the fee are filed with the clerk of the court. An attorney in Simi Valley could file the divorce papers for you so you do not have to worry about it or about timely filing it.

Divorce-Related Legal Matters in Simi Valley CA

We provide comprehensive family law services, including bundled and unbundled services. When our lawyers in Simi Valley handle divorce cases, we also deal with any of the following:

  • Asset division, including division of real estate assets and/or business assets;
  • Child custody and visitation, including helping you develop a comprehensive parenting plan that addresses your needs and concerns and the best interests of the child;
  • Child support, including making sure the child’s financial and medical needs are fully addressed;
  • Spousal support, including the determination of what is fair and just for the dependent spouse to receive.

We also review and handle prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. These agreements can impact the distribution of property, so they will be examined and applied accordingly or challenged accordingly.

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