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All parents have a  responsibility to care for their children during their childhood.  . If there is any dispute about how much each parent should contribute or a problem with one parent not contributing enough, a court can enter  a child support order mandating that a certain amount be paid each month.

Given the immensely complex formula that state courts use to calculate support obligations, it is a good idea to work with a seasoned family attorney on this type of case. A Thousand Oaks child support lawyer could work with you to ensure you are either paying or receiving the appropriate amount of child support.

Who May Be Required to Pay Child Support?

Both  parents have an equal responsibility to provide financially for their children, but a court cannot strictly enforce this responsibility without first issuing a support order. There are four types of petitions through which a parent could request a support order:

  • Petition for divorce, legal separation, or annulment of their marriage to their child’s other parent
  • Petition for a domestic violence restraining order
  • Petition to Establish Parental Relationship, if the two parents are not married to each other
  • Petition for Custody and Support of Minor Children, if the two parents are married and/or one parent has a signed a voluntary declaration of paternity

Alternatively, a County’s  Department of Child Support Services could request that one parent to pay child support under certain circumstances. For instance, if the child’s custodial parent is receiving public assistance of any kind, they could seek reimbursement from the non-supporting parent.  . An attorney could help an individual parent in Thousand Oaks understand their child support options and pursue the best course of action for their situation.

Calculating Child Support Obligations in Thousand Oaks

The Statewide Child Support Guideline establishes a standardized method of calculating the amount of  support a child should receive. Courts presume the guideline is correct when it comes to calculating appropriate support amounts, and it is extremely rare—but not impossible—for a court to agree to order less support than the guideline recommends.

A variety of factors play into the child support formula set by the Statewide Child Support Guideline, including the combined gross monthly income of both parents, the custodial timeshare  relevant child care expenses, and deductions for things like income tax, health insurance, and union dues. The way these factors interact within the formula can be  complex because numbers can make a support amount increase or decrease depending on the situation. Fortunately, a lawyer in Thousand Oaks could guide an individual parent through the process and help them understand what they or their co-parent may have to pay in child support.

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If you have any questions about the support you or your co-parent may owe your child, the best way to get dependable  answers is by talking to qualified legal counsel.

A Thousand Oaks child support lawyer could make sure you are up to speed on how state courts address this particular issue, and what you could do to pursue a preferable final order.  Call today to set up a consultation.

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