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When it comes to resolving complex family law matters, there may be viable dispute resolution alternatives to litigating a case in court. Mediation is one such method of alternative dispute resolution.

During this process, each party presents their issue before a neutral mediator who tries to help both sides reach a favorable resolution. Mediation is not binding, which means that if either party is unhappy with how the mediation is going, they take the case to court at a later date.

If you would like to discuss whether this method of alternative dispute resolution may be the right path for your family law conflict, you should speak with me. I am an Agoura Hills mediation lawyer who could help you through this process. Our family law attorneys could review your current situation and advise whether mediation or another alternative dispute resolution method may be beneficial for your case.

Situations Where Mediation May Be Beneficial

Mediation can be an alternative to litigation in a wide range of family law scenarios. One particular situation where this method can prove to be useful is during a divorce. The standard court process for a divorce can be incredibly time consuming and stressful, not to mention extremely costly. However, during this process, the parties can engage in constructive communication with one another, narrow the issues and maybe come to a settlement.  I am an attorney in Agoura Hills and we can assist someone throughout the mediation process, offering sound counsel, and helping the individual understand their legal options.

Mediation also can be incredibly useful to resolve a wide range of disputes that can result from the end of a marriage, such as alimony, child custody, child support, and property division. By utilizing this method as a means of resolving property division matters, both parties have a higher chance of achieving a successful outcome.

The Advantages of Mediation in Agoura Hills

There are numerous distinct advantages that mediation carries. One of the greatest benefits is that this method tends to create a far less adversarial environment than if the case were to proceed to litigation. Without the stress and pressure of a courtroom environment, both parties may be more apt to work together toward an amicable solution of their issue. Mediation also allows both parties to engage in collaborative negotiations. During alternative dispute resolution, the parties may be able to reach a more mutually beneficial outcome than they would achieve by going to court.

When it comes to mediating issues such as custody or child support, divorcing parents may be able to reduce the adverse impact that the dissolution of the marriage may have on their children. Both parties should have the opportunity to express their concerns and goals during individual and joint sessions with the mediator.  An Agoura Hills attorney could provide legal guidance to someone before and during their mediation and help prepare them for the entire process.

Hire an Agoura Hills Mediation Attorney

Instead of worrying about the emotional and financial tolls that litigation may have on you and your family, you should reach out to an experienced attorney about alternative dispute resolution. An Agoura Hills mediation lawyer could determine if this path is right for you and become your legal advocate throughout the entire process. Schedule your case consultation today to learn more about pursuing mediation in your family law case.

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