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Mothers face numerous challenges during the process of divorcing or separating from their partners. For many, the primary challenge they face involves fighting for custody or visitation with their children. Fortunately, an experienced family law attorney could serve as their advocate during the legal proceedings.

If you are a mother facing the prospect of divorce or a child custody dispute, you deserve to be treated fairly. Without proper legal representation, you might not get that fair treatment. Let an Agoura Hills mothers’ rights lawyer help you protect your legal rights today.

State Law Does Not Favor Mothers Over Fathers

Despite rumors to the contrary, state law does not explicitly favor one parent over another during the divorce process. Many people are of the belief that mothers are given deference when it comes to custody issues by the court, but the reality is not so clear-cut.

While it is true the law does not favor one parent over another, there are still situations where a judge’s bias could color their decision on which parent gets custody of the child—and this type of bias works against mothers just as often as it works against fathers.

The best defense against an unfair or biased outcome during the custody process is by hiring a skilled mothers’ rights attorney in Agoura Hills to help ensure the court upholds the law and treats both parties fairly.

How Custody is Determined in Agoura Hills

When it comes to issues of child custody or visitation, the court is required to serve the best interests of the child. That does not mean the judge will entirely ignore the rights or wishes of the parents, but their rights are secondary to what the court believes is best for the child in these cases.

Because child custody is not automatically awarded to one parent or another, mothers involved in child custody disputes must make the case that it is in the best interest of the child for them to have custody. There are different factors the court considers when making this determination, including the child’s health and age. The court also looks into the emotional ties with each parent and the parents’ individual abilities to care for the child. The court often considers the child’s preferences if they are old enough, as well.

Financial Support for Mothers

Another legal issue important to many mothers during the divorce process is the need for financial support. These issues could involve both the financial needs of the mother as well as any child in her custody.

Child support is the primary method for providing financial support from a non-custodial parent to a child, while spousal support is financial support designed to be paid from one former spouse to another.

Some financial support agreements are reached without conflict. Others are heavily litigated and must be determined by the court. In either case, the guidance of a mothers’ rights lawyer in Agoura Hills could be invaluable to a mother during the divorce process.

Reach out to an Agoura Hills Mothers’ Rights Attorney

There are unique challenges that stem from the dissolution of a romantic relationship when children are involved. Whether the parties were married or not, mothers have specific rights regarding the custody and visitation of their children in these situations.

If you are facing a custody dispute, you do not have to do so alone. Call an Agoura Hills mothers’ rights lawyer today to learn more.

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