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Divorce is never an easy thing. It takes a serious mental, emotional, financial, and physical toll on all those involved. Divorce rates across the United States, however, has remained high and steady. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 2017 experienced a slight increase. In the demographic group of 15 years and over, nearly 11% were divorced, while 48.2% were married, 5.8% were widowed, 2.0% were separated, and 33.1% were never married.

Like the U.S. example, divorce has remained steady in Ventura County.  When you are ready to discuss your own case, contact an experienced Ventura County divorce lawyer. In the meantime, here’s some basic information about divorce in Ventura County, California and how an experienced family law attorney can help.

Divorce Statistics in Ventura County

Divorce rates or marital status overall in Ventura County mirrors the United States example already-mentioned above. The below marital statistics represent persons aged 15 or over:

  • 36% have never been married;
  • 48% are now married;
  • 2% are separated;
  • 3% live without his or her spouse;
  • 2% are widowed; and
  • 8% are divorced.

The 8% of divorced persons account for nearly 68,000 people. Ventura County, however, is not high of the list of counties with the highest rates of divorce in California. In fact, it is ranked 36 among 58 counties.

Divorce Court

It is important to prepare properly for divorce court in Ventura County. Before preparing divorce papers, however, you should know that in order to file for dissolution of your marriage, at least one spouse must have:

  1. lived in California for a minimum of 6 months, and
  2. lived in the county where the divorce will be filed for at least 3 months.

These papers will be filed at the Family Law division at the County of Ventura Superior Court of California, which is located at:

800 S Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93009

The fee to file a petition for dissolution or to respond to the dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership is $435.00. The papers and fee will be filed with the clerk of the court. There must be one original and two copies of the petition and accompanying papers.

Divorce & Domestic Violence

Sometimes when a person files a divorce, heated arguments may transpire, and sometimes those arguments can lead to assault or other actions. If you have been harmed or threatened with harm by your spouse, you can request a restraining order via the same Ventura County Superior Court. If you need help completing the forms, you can contact the District Attorney Victim  Services Unit in Room 311 of the Hall of Justice Building at the Ventura Government Center.

Important Issues When Dissolving a Marriage

When you move to dissolve your marriage, there are a number of other issues that will be determined during this process – of course, each “issue” is dependent on your specific circumstances. Below is a list of some of these dissolution matters:

  • Asset division, which is the process to identify assets and debts and distribute them;
  • Child custody and visitation, which is the process to determine who, where, and when a child lives with a parent, is visited by parents, among other things;
  • Child support, which is the process to determine whether and how much one parent will provide financial or other support (e.g., health insurance) to the child;
  • Spousal support, which is the process to determine whether and how much one former spouse or partner provides financial or other support to the dependent ex-spouse.

There are other matters that may need to be addressed, too, like prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. These agreements can have a serious impact on the distribution of property. Sometimes, however, these agreements can be challenged. If challenging the divorce agreement is to your benefit, your attorney in Ventura County will discuss options with you.

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