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When courts issue a child support payments order, it is considered final. That does not mean the amount of these support payments cannot be changed. With the help of a skilled child support attorney, you could petition the court to change your payment obligation.

Judges do not alter child support orders on a whim. Instead, you must establish that your change of circumstances requires a modification, as what you or the other parent are currently paying is no longer reasonable and fair. A Ventura County child support modification lawyer could help you do just that.

Changes in Circumstances

There must be a valid reason for the court to agree to alter the amount of a child support award. This is true both for requests to increase or decrease the amount. Some of the factors a child support modification lawyer in Ventura County might consider a material change in circumstances include:

  • Loss of employment
  • Incarceration
  • Another child is born
  • Illnesses or injuries
  • Active military deployment

A parent is under no obligation to wait a specific amount of time following a divorce or other final order before they can seek a change. Ultimately, it is the change in circumstances itself that matters the most. If a parent loses their job or becomes ill shortly after a child support order is issued by the court, they could seek a modification of their obligation each month.

Seeking a modification should be done as soon as possible following a material change in a parent’s life because the courts may not retroactively alter a support obligation. The longer a person waits to request a modification, the further they could fall behind on their payments.

Pursuing Modification

The process for requesting a modification of a child support order is relatively short, but it is vital that every step is taken carefully. Making a mistake in the initial forms could cause delays or a denial from the judge.

A parent and their Ventura County attorney should start the child support modification process by filling out a Request for Order form. This formally requests the issuance of an order to alter the original child support order. A parent must submit an income expense declaration form, as well. Once qualified counsel reviews these forms and makes copies, they can then submit them to the court.

A parent typically must pay a filing fee to the court clerk, who will then schedule a court date for the hearing. It is the filer’s responsibility to ensure the other parent is served with a copy of the forms. Once service is completed, both parties and their legal counsel then attend the court date, where a judge determines if modification of the child support obligation is necessary.

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Modifying an existing child support order is possible, but the success of these efforts is never guaranteed. Fortunately, the right attorney could improve your chances of a favorable outcome during a child support modification hearing.

Let a Ventura County child support modification lawyer serve as your advocate throughout this process. Call now for your private consultation.

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