It’s happening – you are getting a divorce. Either you intend to file the petition for dissolution or received the divorce papers to which you must answer. The next step you must take is simple in its execution but requires a bit of vetting before you do it: retaining an experienced Certified Family Law Expert. When you get a divorce in Oxnard, unless it is just you and your spouse or partner and unless you have very little in the way of assets and the marriage or domestic partnership was very short in terms of its duration, you want an Oxnard divorce lawyer with experience and insight, someone who will guide you, inform you, and advocate your rights for you. 

As a Certified Family Law expert, Jeffrey L. Hoffer aims to represent our clients with integrity and to provide legal services – either bundled or unbundled – in a comprehensive and professional manner. We know the law. We work strategically and thoughtfully. We want what’s best for you and for any children or other dependents you may have. Contact our experienced family law attorneys to schedule a free initial consultation and to learn how we can best represent you and your divorce needs. 

Overview of Marriage & Divorce in the Oxnard Area

The rate of divorce has increased substantially in recent decades. California’s divorce statistics exemplify this trend as does the data representing the Oxnard area. Married family households, according to Statistical Atlas, make up 55.8% of all households in the Oxnard area, this exceeds the average throughout California. These families have  a child or children under the age of 18.

This makes sense because – if you live in this area – according to statistics, you are more likely to get married than your counterparts throughout the whole of California. While only 29% of residents have never been married, more than 35% of all Californians have never been married. Unfortunately, this high rate of “never married” persons follows a higher rate of divorce in the Oxnard area. While 12% of females and 8% of males are divorced in the Oxnard area, Less than 10% of females but about the same (at 8%) of males are divorced state-wide.

What this means is simple: you are not alone. Divorce is scary. Divorce is complicated. Divorce is hard. But you can do it – if that’s what you feel you need to do. And with the right attorney in Oxnard at your side during divorce, you can make sure your interests and rights are upheld, including what’s in the best interests of your children.

Divorce Court

To divorce in California, you must fulfill two qualifications:

  1. either you or your spouse must have been a resident in California for the six months prior to filing the divorce petition; and
  2. either you or your spouse must have been a resident of Ventura County for the three months prior to filing the divorce petition.

If you satisfy these two qualifiers, then you can file for divorce without cause. California is a no-fault state, and this means you can divorce without proving the divorce ended due to someone’s fault. When you file for divorce or answer a divorce petition, the filing along with a $435 filing fee, must be filed with the clerk of the Family Law Division at:

County of Ventura Superior Court of California
800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93009.

Legal Matters When Ending a Marriage

There are many issues that an Oxnard lawyer could help a divorcing party handle. These things include:

  • asset division – this service includes division  of assets like real estate and/or business assets;
  • child custody and visitation – this service involves preparing a comprehensive parenting plan that accommodates working schedules, holidays, the child’s extracurricular activities, among many other things all of which are related to the child; 
  • child support – this includes making sure the child’s financial and medical needs are fully addressed; and, among other services,
  • spousal support, this includes determining what is fair and just for the dependent spouse to receive.

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As you know, we are now living in uncertain times.  Our society has shifted in ways that were completely unexpected 3-6 months ago.   As a result, our priorities and actions need to shift as well.  Remember, we cannot control the wind, but we can always adjust our sails.   The Courts here in Southern California are closed for the foreseeable future.  The Los Angeles County courts are taking filings and are hearing emergency matters.  The Ventura County Courts are hearing emergency matters but are not taking filings at all.   Currently, both court systems are scheduled to re-open in mid-May; however, given the current state of affairs, it is likely that the closures will be extended. 

So, how do we adjust our sails?   We set you up for success for when the Courts re-open, your case will be ready to go. 

1.  Video Consultations:  All you need is a phone, an iPad, or a computer with a webcam and a microphone and we can have a video consultation.    Please click here to schedule. 

2. For Divorce Cases:   For existing cases in Ventura County, we can prepare your disclosures, create a discovery plan and ready your case for when the court opens again.  For Los Angeles County, we can file your Petition and related documents, prepare your disclosures, create a discovery plan and ready your case for when the court opens again. 

My Advice to you! 

3. Be physically and emotionally healthy!   There is a lot of humor circulating about how people are gaining weight and getting drunk during this period.   Don’t give in to that.  This is the time to take stock and improve on those things you always wanted.  It means reading that book you wanted to read.  It means taking that online course you always meant to take.  It means gaining that skill that you didn’t have time for.   It also means not letting your divorce case sit unattended.  There is always work to be done.  Let us handle it for you. Take this period of time to be proactive! 

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