Certified Family Law Specialist, State Bar of California, and Board of Legal Specialization

Family law can impact different aspects of family life, from paternity to child custody to divorce. Having a family law attorney help you with your legal matters can mean the difference between protecting your rights and interests or facing delays and disappointments.

Even though retaining a Certified Family Law Specialist to guide you through the process is what is best, many people choose not to hire an attorney but to represent themselves or use do-it-yourself websites to complete forms and draft other documents. Unfortunately, if you are unfamiliar with the courts and the specific laws, representing yourself can lead to missed deadlines and court orders not in your favor, among other hardships. You don’t want that.

But what you may want to consider is this: unbundled legal services. This option allows you to retain the legal counsel you need for services you want. At Hoffer Family Law Firm, we offer unbundled family law legal services combined with the experience and insight of a Certified Family Law Specialist.

Unbundled California Family Law Legal Services

If you are on a budget and want to be smart about how your money is used to address a family law matter, Hoffer Family Law Firm’s unbundled legal services may be right for you. This option allows you to use your money effectively to handle the more complicated aspects of family law.

Here are a few of the unbundled legal services we offer.

  • Letter writing. Some people have a hard time getting facts and thoughts on paper in a concise and coherent manner. I can take the facts and purpose of your letter and write it in a persuasive, productive manner.
  • Pleading drafts. Pleadings must be drafted in a specific manner. They must also tell your story completely so that the judge can make a meaningful decision. These are not documents to be taken lightly because they can be the turning point of a case. I can draft pleadings and help you file them timely and according to the proper rules of the court.
  • Document review. You may already know the important points of your case and have all the facts laid out in a document – whether it’s a prenuptial agreement or a parenting plan. It is always wise to have a Certified Family Law Specialist to review the document to make sure it protects you and your interests.
  • Document preparation. No matter what the family law matter is, we can help you prepare any document, including complaints, pre-trial motions, subpoenas, request for production of documents, interrogatories, among many other documents.
  • Mediation standby. Mediation is an important part of family law. You are allowed to be represented and we can be on standby to assist you when you have requested or have been ordered to attend mediation. I can help facilitate dialogue and keep the discussion focused on goals.
  • Consultations. It may be in your best interest to seek counsel before making decisions about important family law matters. I can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case, outline viable options, and consider alternative resolutions.

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If you need legal help with a family law matter, you may want to consider unbundled legal services to save you money and time. Contact Hoffer Family Law Firm to schedule a consultation to learn more about how our unbundled legal services may help provide solutions to your family law matters.

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