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Why Sweetening the Deal is Sometimes a Good Deal Long Term! Read Here!

In divorce cases, victory and defeat are relative. There are many Pyrrhic victories in family law. For example, if you get that support reduction you were looking for but you spent every last dime you had on attorneys' fees to get it, then that is…

Why You Need To Have Therapy Regularly When You Are Getting Divorced – Read Here!

Many people link divorce attorneys to therapists. In truth, that misconception came from TV shows and movies. Here are a few other myths: We are all like Arnie Becker from LA Law and we try to sleep with our opposite sex clients; We are all…

Can My Estranged Spouse Kick Me Out of Our Home?

In an earlier blog post, I addressed the issue of whether or not you should move out of house voluntarily. Here, the discussion is a bit different, hence the question: Whether your spouse can have you removed from the house. Up until last year, in…
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